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Touch Screen POS System for any type of business

The QUORiON QTouch is an embedded POS system that impresses with a sleek and compact design for discreet placement in any type of business. Yet, it convinces with its sturdy construction, low cost of ownership and magnificent performance under heavy-duty use. As opposed to a PC based solution there are noisy fans. Software and hardware function seamlessly as a single entity.

Managers in the food service industry will especially appreciate the graphical touch screen, because it unlocks new possibilities to cleverly manage your restaurant. Take advantage of a user interface, which offers table layouts, menu structures and button customization. For retailers, on the other hand, the QTouch 12 supplies a complete retail management system with highlights such as 55,000 PLUs, scanning and stock control. You can also program up to 99 variations of multi-but action tables and thereby offer special discounts with repeat purchases to your clients. Furthermore, the LED backlit 12" colour touch screen accelerates through-put and minimizes entry errors. Trainees in turn benefit for the user friendly touch navigation, which leads them through the order process via the presentation of available options.

The QTouch 12 incorporates touch screen technology with a customer display and clerk lock to become your one-source hardware solution. The design and functional characteristics lower your costs, enhance productivity and ultimately increase customer satisfaction through faster processing times. 



QOrder is a hardware independent portable ordering system that runs the complete QMP POS software on Android devices. Essentially, it serves as an extension of your QUORiON POS system within your restaurant. Pick the Android device that best suits your business, whether it’s a 4” smart phone or 10” tablet! Buy a license, install the application, and register. Done. Best of all, if you are familiar with the QMP POS software, there is no need for you to re-learn anything, because you will already know how to use it. Save on equipment investments. Save on installation costs. Maximize productivity. 

How does your restaurant benefit from a portable ordering system?

It allows your service team to better coordinate its effort and places the emphasis back on its clientele. Fast ordering, quick service, and happy customers are your key benefits. As a result, you literally profit from time saved on communication, fewer service 

trips by staff, greater table turn over, and repeat visits.


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